-The Taste of Ice-cream-

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-The Taste of Ice-cream-

Post  RabidSponge on Wed Apr 21, 2010 7:45 pm

“Here’s your order, ma’am.” Samuel grinned shyly. The tall woman nodded to him, and walked away with her order of chocolate ice-cream. “Have a nice day.”
The blonde heaved a sigh and wearily rested his head against the glass counter of the little ice-cream shop, down in Station Heights. It was nice, being able to watch the sunset with the strong aroma of ice-cream wafting around his nose. The golden light from the sinking sun shone down on the sleepy little town, casting it in a glow of warmth and comfort. This was the time of day that everyone looked forward to, and would wait the whole day just to watch the sky high spectacle. As for people buying ice-cream at this hour; it was a normal occurrence. Here, ice-cream was about as precious as alcohol. It was basically frozen gold.
Samuel fiddled with the clear plastic of his uniform visor, eyes curiously scanning the people of Twilight Town. With night fast approaching, there weren’t many locals wandering around the brown, paved streets. The only people who remained were those doing some late-night shopping, hurrying back from work, or random children enjoying the last few hours of the day.

“Hey, Samuel!”
Speaking of which.

Samuel’s head snapped up, and he grinned widely at some of the shop’s most loyal customers. Three kids his age, two boys and a girl, were running eagerly towards the ice-cream shop, waving some munny erratically over their heads.
Hayner, Pence and Olette; they were three awesome people who attended the blonde’s school, and were regular faces around the shop to boot. They were always buying ice-cream from him and his co-workers. If they didn’t come buy something almost every afternoon, the shop wouldn’t be doing nearly as well as it was. It was because of them that the shop was almost out of sea-salt ice-cream.

“Hi guys,” The shop worker greeted cheerfully as they reached the counter. “You all want the usual?”
“Yup!” The blonde boy, Hayner, grinned, smacking his munny dramatically onto the bench. “Three sea-salt ice-creams!” Samuel laughed and began digging around for the blue coloured blocks of ice-cream.
“So Samuel, what have you been up to lately?” Olette, asked sweetly, resting her elbows against the glass. Samuel shrugged and straightened up, the three sticks of ice-cream in his hands.
“Nothing really,” He chuckled, handing each of them their order. “Just the usual. Working in the shop, cruising by in school. That sort of thing.” The teenagers laughed together as the regular customers ripped open the packets their ice-cream was hiding in.
“Hey, do you want to come with us?” Pence, a somewhat tubby kid, offered. “We hang out on the Clock Tower. You can really see the sunset from up there.” Hayner and Olette voiced their agreement, and the three of them started tugging on the straps of Samuel’s apron, urging him to come along.
“I wish I could, but my shift isn’t over,” The blonde replied dejectedly. “Maybe some other time?” The group of three frowned and nodded in understanding, saying that maybe they could catch him tomorrow. Hayner suggested that Samuel should just skip his shift and take the rest of the day off, and was greeted with a wallop to the head by Olette.

“Well, I guess we’ll see you at school then,” She said, starting off up the path to Central Station. She and the others waved good-bye over their shoulders, Samuel grinning sadly after them. He wanted to go, he really did, but his boss would have his neck for sure. She was… scary, to be saying the least. Her eyes pierced right through you, even when she wasn’t looking your way. She was a terrifying woman, and he was definitely not going to get on her bad side.

Besides, Samuel had other matters to attend to, anyway. Some parts of the shop seemed too hot and/or too cold than what was comfortable for the ice-cream.
The blonde turned his back to the nearly deserted station plaza, just missing the pair of yellow eyes staring at him, glowing menacingly from the darkness.


Dude, I used the word “ice-cream” in this post so many times, I think my head is going to explode.
Crappy memory, sorry. I just kind of wanted to write something about Samuel at his job.
So what if he wears a visor and an apron? It’s manly! xD
Ignore this, I just got really bored.]

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