-A Facefull of Metal-

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-A Facefull of Metal-

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[Ooc: DURRHURR CRAPPY TITLE FOR A CRAPPY MEMORY. 8D I dunno. I got bored in English, and wanted to write something about Damien while he was still at school. HE’S A NERD, SO HE GETS BEAT UP A LOT. >w<
Sorry Dai-Dai. D:
Ah, there’s also a bit of swearing. I really don’t like adding it in, but it just gives the characters a more… dramatic feel, you know?]


“Hey, fag!”

Damien ground his teeth roughly, gripping the strap of his shoulder bag tightly between his fingers. His knuckles stained white as the heavy footsteps he knew all too well approached him; he could almost see the sneer pasted across the elder boy’s face.
Don’t turn around. If you look him in the eye, he’ll just take it as an invitation to mock you. It would be wiser if you didn’t-

“Mother fucker, don’t ignore me!”

A rough hand clamped down on the student’s shoulder, forcefully spinning him around. Damien yelped and lowered his gaze, his glasses sliding down his nose and almost right off his face. The hand belonged to a rather lanky boy, clenching a toothpick between his teeth. Obviously a side-effect of smoking, the bespectacled teenager thought. Tousled blonde hair hung down the sixteen year-old’s face, hiding the look of venom in his eyes, but not that which had dripped down to his lips; curved into a stone-like scowl. He was the image of fear, the top-dog of the school food chain.

And Damien was his prey.

“What do you want, Luis?” The brunette mumbled softly, biting his lip as the grip on his shoulder tightened. A bully; that’s all the elder male was. Bullies made fun of others solely to make themselves feel better. On the inside, Luis felt worse than he did when the boy tormented him.
At least that’s what Damien told himself.

“What do you think I want, huh?” The arm was shaking him, and Damien almost toppled over. Hiding beneath the hood of his baggy hoodie, as he usually did when he tried to avoid attention, the young boy tried to turn and run. Luis was a step ahead of him.

“Where do you think you’re going, pansy?” There was the sound of a lock clicking open, and the horrible squeaking sound as a locker door was thrown aside. With a forceful push on his shoulder, Damien was thrown inside the locker, having the door slammed shut on his back.

“Retard. Come back when you grow a pair, a’ight?”

Heavy footsteps trailed away, leaving a line of silence that was broken shortly after by the bell. Kids had to start getting to class, and once more, the fourteen year-old would have to explain that he had been locked inside a locker. The teachers were beginning to grow tired of his excuse, considering it happened so often.
Damien whimpered softly, his face buried in the metal of the locker he knew so well. The cold metal was biting into his flesh, and he was sure his glasses were lying somewhere outside the door, stolen from his face by Luis when he shoved him inside. He knew that pounding on the door and crying out would be fruitless. No-one ever heard him, and those who did were never bothered to try and help him out. He was at the bottom of the social ladder; no-one really cared about him.

A bright light was suddenly thrown into his face, causing Damien to squint and stagger as he was dazedly helped out of the locker.

“Hey man, are you alright?”
A fuzzy hand was holding his glasses out to him, and he took them gratefully.
“I’m alright, thank you for asking,” The brunette mumbled, the face of Will coming into focus before him. The dark-haired boy smiled at him, flipping his hood down and ruffling the light brown hair hidden beneath.
“You need to stop getting shoved into my locker, dude. It’s not healthy,” He joked, laughing as the young boy’s face contorted into a frown.
Truth be told, William and Damien had developed a strong friendship from Luis’ art of shoving the bespectacled boy into lockers, his favorite being Will’s. The sixteen year-old was shocked to return after class one day and find a small boy, two years younger than him, sniffing on the floor, his books scattered around him. Now it just happened on a regular basis, and the two saw more of each other during ‘locker time’ than during the day.

“It’s not as though I can stop him,” Damien sighed, brushing his hair from his eyes. “Luis just seems to enjoy giving me a facefull of metal.” William chuckled and began fixing his locker, waving off the younger boy when he tried to help.
“‘Kid’s got a lot of strange hobbies,” He said over his shoulder, placing the books back on their shelves and quickly tidying up the rest of the mess. “He’s just a prat.” Picking out his books and closing the door with a slam, William slung his free arm around the fourteen year-old’s shoulders, leading him down the hall. The two walked along in silence, the sound of their feet scuffling against the floor was the only sound that was made.
“Give him a few years, and he should leave you alone,” Will said, stopping outside a classroom door after a minute or so of walking. Damien nodded, gripping the strap of his shoulder bag tightly once more.
“I doubt I can wait that long,” He replied sadly. The sadness, however, was soon replaced with a wash of confusion as the brunette looked up to Will. “Hang on, how did you know I was inside your locker again?”
“Don’t say I’ve never got your back,” Was all that the student got in response, before he was pushed inside the classroom; his classroom. He spun around, and Will shot him a soft grin before turning on his heel and running down the hall, now late for his own class.

“Thanks,” The brunette smiled in gratitude, turning and taking a seat by the window, waiting for the teacher to turn up.


[Ooc: Damien actually has a friend. 8D I think the story behind their friendship is kind of cute, but just plain sad at the same time. I HAVE GIVEN BIRTH TO A HAPPY, FUNNY, AND SAD ROLE-PLAY ALL IN ONE. >w<
I like writing memories featuring Damien, because (like John) there are so many things I can do with him.
I got unimaginative with the names. Sorry, man. D:]

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