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-Still Alive-

Post  RabidSponge on Sun May 09, 2010 8:15 pm

Scott was running. He was running as though a murderer was on his trail; and how he wished that was what was only happening. A few days ago, Sydney had been throwing a parade; a celebration to the supposed immunity of the ‘Infection’, a dangerous disease that mutated the mind and body. The depressed teenager had been watching from home, curled up on the couch with his cat, Echo, when all hell broke loose. Screaming, killing, slaughtering; everything happened, and it was broadcasted on live TV. It was a sudden outbreak, and the results were catastrophic; scarring.

Scott had been hiding in his house with his parents, and had been for the past few days, listening to the sound of the Infection making its mark outside as they tried their best to stay safe and survive. They had been safe inside their house, hiding from the world, until the family was attacked. A mob of the Infected broke down the door and swarmed the household, attacking everything that moved on sight, including the adults, teenager and cat hiding in the corner.
Scott’s mother and father had forced him out of the window to escape, and held off the horde while he made his getaway. He remembered hearing screaming, yowling and tearing over the adrenaline ringing inside of ears.
Their fate was uncertain; Scott refused to believe they had met their end.

He was in the city now, at the site of the fallen parade. All around him were the shifting bodies of the Infected, ambling around aimlessly, and even sometimes attacking each other. Everything was inhumane; the sound, the sights, the people. The water sloshed around in the harbour, but it was empty without the chatter of the city, without the life.
There was gurgling and growling, a soft crying from the roadside, the screaming and stamping of feet…

Scott fell with a thud to the bloodstained ground, tears staining his eyes and running down his dirt-stricken cheeks. Everything around him, everything he once knew was gone. In a matter of days, it was all gone.
The Australian boy wiped his eyes clear of tears with the back of his hand, wincing in pain and directing his attention to his damaged nose. Other than a sharp pang of pain, a bruise that was sure to form and a trickle of blood running down to his lip, it seemed fine.
Scott propped himself up on his elbows, the confetti around him sticking to his body and clothes. Something seemed… different. Not just the fact that the whole world as the teenager had known it had collapsed around him, but something else. Something about the atmosphere seemed thick with danger.

Where was the crying from earlier?

A dark shadow cast itself over Scott’s body, blocking out the light from the ever dimming sun. Swallowing thickly and turning his head, he held back a cry and shot backwards. The girl from the roadside, the ten year-old who had been crying, was growling and snarling at him, rising to her feet. Long, crimson claws extended from her fingertips, twitching wrathfully at the foolish person who had invaded her solitude. Scott’s eyes went wide, fixated on the glowing red eyes radiating from beneath her pale, scraggly hair.
She was furious.
With a shriek from the young Infected, and a scream from the targeted boy, she lunged at him, crossing the street in a few powerful leaps.

A scream.
Deafening snarling.
Distressed crying.
An angry shout.
A booming gunshot.

The girl beside him fell with a thud to the ground, a bullet wound piercing through her skull.
“That was damn close,” A voice said gruffly, followed by the sound of light approaching footsteps. A hand gripped the black-haired Australian around the arm and was pulling him to his feet, forcing him to look at his Saviour with tear-filled eyes. Pale-skinned and dangerous, the woman standing before him held an icy stare locked inside her pale eyes. She looked him up and down coldly, and grinned devilishly.

“Hey guys,” The girl called over her shoulder, addressing the slow moving group behind her. “’Got another Survivor, here.” She shook Scott roughly by the arm, as if to emphasize her point. The sixteen year-old frowned and pulled his arm out of her grip, frowning darkly and wiping his face clear of tears.
She’d killed her. The girl that had been crying beside him a few moments ago was lying dead on the road, a shotgun bullet piercing through her skull. Her blood was pooling beneath her and inching over to the two teenagers’ feet.
Scott felt like he was going to be sick.
This was just too messed up.

A wide-eyed boy, about a year younger than him, trotted up to the two, a look of awe painted across his weary face, gaze darting between the dead girl, Scott, then finally upon the brunette.
“Faith, how did you do that?” He gasped, his mouth dropping upon seeing the dead girl at the feet of the two teenagers. The brunette, Faith, shrugged and kicked the body roughly; shooting it a piercing glare that Scott was sure would haunt the girl in heaven.

“Cr0wning Witches is my specialty,” She grinned, slinging her shotgun over her shoulder in an overconfident fashion. “I thought you knew that, kid.”
The blonde smiled and shrugged, turning to the silent boy beside his friend. His face was a wash of confusion, as he took in the newcomer’s appearance.
“Who’s this?”
“Dunno. Found him just then.”
“By a Witch?”
“She was about to kill him.”

Scott drew in a sharp intake of breath and squeezed his eyes shut, sinking slowly into his own shadow. The blonde kid noticed and rushed forward to keep him standing, his face a painting of concern.
“I think we should get him to John,” He whispered to his friend, who merely rolled her eyes in response. “He looks kind of pale…”
“The kid’s fine, Samuel. Probably just shock. Nothing that we haven’t experienced already.”
Scott retched harshly and twisted his head sharply to the side, flinging himself out of the younger boy’s grip, and throwing up on the ground nearby. Disgusted and worried looks were shot his way as he turned around once more, wiping his mouth clean with the back of his hand.

“…Yeah, let’s get him to John,” The brunette girl muttered, stalking off to find her team. The boy, Samuel, nodded and slung an arm around his waist and pulled Scott’s arm over his shoulder, supporting his weight as much as he could.
“Come on, let’s go,” He said, leading the young Australian down the road. “Let’s get you to our team.”
A man in a military uniform, a bespectacled kid in a hoodie, and a taller man with a cigarette dangling from his lips stood a ways away, curious eyes all locked on the approaching Scott.



[Ooc: Durrhurr, please ignore the lameness in this memory. :'D I was writing this during science, so my words may be a little jumbled and whatnot. I might re-write it later, or something...]

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