Raluca's Journey: I (Prelude)

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Raluca's Journey: I (Prelude)

Post  Poker Face on Fri May 14, 2010 6:11 am

Raluca had been wandering for months.

She was hungry, she was weak. Her aching muscles barely had the energy to function properly, and screamed in a painful protest with every single step she could.
But she had to stay strong. Had to do it for the tribe. Had to do it for the Family. For her Brothers. For her Sisters.

But it was so hard.

She didn't know where she was. The Tribal girl couldn't read the strange heiroglyphs upon the sign, the strange language this land spoke.

It didn't make sense.

Raluca had to make it. But she was so tired; so very, very tired.
A heaving sigh escaped the girl's lips. She began to stumble, her knees buckling under her own weight. Passersby gave her concerned glances.

And then the world went black.


The Tribal girl's eyes fluttered open elsewhere, some good few hours later. She was still ravenously hungry, and parched as a fish stuck dry in a desert sand.
She moaned.

Figures stood hazily over her.

What language was that? Raluca vaguely recognised the strange sounds and vowels of English, a language seldom spoken within her Tribe. She never saw the need to learn it, they didn't interact much with English-speakers, but she found herself suddenly grateful.


"Thank goodness, you're awake! We were so worried..."
The girl didn't understand half of the words that were said.

"What... What Is this place?"
"You're in Twilight Town, dear."


99 dreams I've had
In every one a red balloon
It's all over and I'm standin' pretty
In the dust that was a city
If I could find a souvenier
Just to prove the world was here...
And here it is, a red balloon
I think of you and let it go.
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