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When one has unanswered questions, where is it that they usually turn to? If you asked this question to a local ambling along the streets in the morning, would they reply saying the library was ideal? Well, no-one in the modern society uses the library anymore, so the most likely answer is in fact the Internet, where answers lay hidden beneath rows of size nine text, written in black and white. The computer is the most accessible source of information, in which questions could find an answer to match.

Samuel had a lot of questions.

The young boy’s room was completely dark, shrouded in crawling shadows that skulked around in the corners, hissing and snarling when they got too close. The curtains had been drawn tightly, shielding the eerie glow of the silver moon smiling down upon the sleeping city of Twilight Town. The blonde himself was hunched over in his chair, the glow from the computer illuminating the curves that snaked around his soft cheeks. Worn, hazel eyes skimmed from side to side as they raced along row upon row of words, framed by an intricate purple background.

It was late, and Samuel was growing tired of the words merely shooting through one ear and leaking out of the other, dribbling down the side of his sleep-stricken face. The blonde was searching through virtual page after virtual page of information, descriptions and names rushing past his eyes.
Spells, that was what the student was searching aimlessly for. In school, Samuel’s class were learning about the age of King Arthur, complete with Trolls, Peasants, Dryads…


Warlocks, Wizards, and Witches, whatever you called them, the race was gifted with magical abilities. Samuel didn’t know why, but something about them sent an icy shock ricocheting around his body before embedding an otherworldly feeling deep inside his chest. The blonde had suddenly fallen into shock, the feeling worming its way through his body and making him feel as though he was drowning in thick air. Coughing and spluttering, he had been lead from the concerned classroom to the nurse’s office, where she poked and prodded at him with cold, meaty fingers.

Hours passed until the panic ceased, and by then the school day had come to an end. As he had ambled out from the nurses’ ward, one of his friends, Al, had raced past him, shoving the History homework task down his throat. It wasn't quite what he had needed at that moment, what with the seizing panic attack, but he didn't want to risk having an infuriated teacher shouting at him the next day.
Find some ‘spells’ that the Magicians used, and write them down, followed with a brief description.

It was an impressing looking site that Samuel had stumbled upon, framed in curly borders and complete with gothic-style font. Below were lists upon lists of spells that the Magicians had supposedly used in days of old, all complete with a name, description and seemingly irrelevant picture. The blonde propped his chin up with his hand and allowed his eyes to dance lazily to and fro on the screen, sifting through the information and looking for a name that struck his fancy.

Lux Lucis
Evanesco Recedo
Curarito Fulsi

The words on the screen burnt their way through his skull, imprinting their stories upon his brain about what they could do, and how dangerous they really were. Dreary eyed, Samuel sighed dully until his eyes locked upon something, something that made his eyes grow wide. That shivering feeling of drowning returned to him with the force of a truck, leaving the student gasping vainly for air. An unseen power forced itself into his head and burnt a single word to his subconscious mind, followed by a foreign series of steps.
Almost by instinct, the blonde knew what he had to do.

Samuel stretched out a clammy hand, his palm facing towards the roof as the boy shook nervously with anticipation. Hazel eyes slid shut, framed by dark eyelashes as he concentrated on focusing the magic, following the instructions the way his mind instructed. A faded image appeared in his mind’s eye; an upturned hand surrounded by shimmering air that danced with a life of its own. Before long, the gleaming substance was being drawn inwards in thin strands of energy, attracted to his open palm, attracted by the student's call. The slivers of magic coiled around each other and created vaguely what looked to be a ball of raw energy, gleaming proudly as it pulsed like a heart with a life of its own. Samuel found it increasingly hard to believe he had created such a thing; such a beautiful substance.
His hazel eyes fluttered open, swirling with colour as the magic bubbled up inside of him, releasing itself in a gush of power through a single word.


The magic visibly sparked, and it wasn’t long before the snaking strands of energy exploded into flames, casting circles of dancing light and colour upon the blonde’s sensitive eyes. He squeezed his eyes shut roughly with a sqeual, attempting to blink away the blindness and struggling to regain composure, when he felt the heat upon his hand. Samuel’s eyes snapped open and he gasped in shock, almost losing control of the fragile spell that seemed to drain his mind of all energy. Crackling merrily, suspended just above his pale skin was a small flame, casting its warm glow upon his surprised face. The light extended to the four corners of the boy’s room, filling the walls with an air of comfort and chasing the invading shadows away. He could almost hear the creatures of the night snarling and growling, seeking refuge from the painful, invading light. The Twilight Town local could feel the flame's heat tracing along his face, and a smile cracked upon his frightened lips as the orange light flickered against his features.

And then the dormant fear kicked in.
The newfound Magician shrieked and fell back off his chair, the ball of flame crashing to the floor and extinguishing upon contact with the carpet. The room tumbled into darkness once more, leaving Samuel propped up on his elbows, terrified face illuminated only by the computer monitor’s light. His breath came out in ragged gasps as he raised his hand to his face, swallowing thickly at the small flecks of ash that littered his sweaty palm.

He could do it; Samuel could perform magic, and he had no idea how. The flame bobbing in his hand was proof enough.
There was no doubt it would cause him serious trouble in life.

“Shit, man…”


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