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-Parkour Party-

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[Ooc: Just a crappy little anecdote re-living our shining moment of glory. ;D This is probably all wrong and stuff (poorly written; my brain was hurting real bad when I wrote it), but... 'eh. xD]


“Dammit… Precisioning sucks…”
Sam sighed heavily and allowed her head to loll onto the cool concrete behind her, hiding in the shade as she allowed her body to recover. Around her were numerous people jumping everywhere, leaping from pale ledge to another pale ledge. The dark-blonde teenager was plagued with disturbed asthma and overall fatigue from the eventful night beforehand, currently seeking refuge in a cool shadow as she allowed herself to recover. She always hated when this happened; it was a tough barrier to surpass while practicing parkour.

“You feeling okay?” Alley asked, trotting over to the weary artist. Sam nodded and smiled through gritted teeth, unwilling to allow her body to refuse her command.
“I’m doing well,” She replied, squinting against the harsh sunlight overhead. “Feeling better. I think it’s starting to leave me alone.” It was true. The more parkour the teenager practiced, the easier it seemed to become. It was still a barrier, but it was becoming ever easier to vault over.

There was a bark from the instructor at the top of the hill, proclaiming that the team had to get moving to the next location.
“Oh, I think we’re going now,” Alley said, beginning to bound up the ledges and back to the tree above. Sam sighed and pushed herself to her feet, allowing herself to follow her best friend wearily. The asthmatic had made it just about halfway when she noticed a strange woman watching their class, intrigue dancing behind her eyes. Of course Sam missed the final leap, but she didn’t seem quite too bothered by it.

“Pretend I just made that jump,” She laughed at the woman, smiling broadly at her. The light blonde woman laughed and nodded, clutching her clipboard as Sam spun on her heel, heading back to the tree and her class. Alley was waiting beneath the shade of the tree with bag in hand, the instructor preparing to herd the students to the next location.

“Precision is hard…” Sam grumbled, tugging her shirt down over her hips and taking the bag from Alley, slinging it over her own shoulder.
“We’re getting there, though,” The brunette said positively as they started to walk off. “We’ll get there one day. For now no derogatory thoughts.”
“Yeah, no derogatory thoughts,” The elder agreed, laughing in unison with her friend as they leapt onto the cream-coloured pathway.

“Excuse me.”
The two artists spun around, confusion flickering behind their eyes as the woman from earlier hurried up to them, a friendly smile decorating her lips.
“You two are in this class, aren’t you?” She questioned curiously.
“Uh, yeah…” Alley and Sam exchanged confused glances, silently wondering where exactly this woman was going.
“You’re two of the only girls we’ve actually seen today.” ‘We’?
“Parkour doesn’t really appeal to girls much.”
“Listen, I’m from Ten News, and we’re doing a story on Parkour. Would you mind if we interviewed you about being girls in this interesting sport?”
The tracuse’s jaws simply fell open, their heads whipping around to face each other in an incredified stupor. Did she just say what she thought she did?
“Psssssh’yeah!” The gamers chorused together, excitement rushing through their bodies at the amazing offer.
“Excellent!” The blonde grinned, looking almost as excited as the two teenagers. “I’ll just finish up what we’re already doing, and then we’ll come to find you girls. How does that sound?”
“Th-That’s good.”
“Excellent. We’ll meet you down there.” She pointed down the stairs to a nice little clearing in the urban life; the destination of the next Parkour activity. “See you girls shortly!” And then she was off, leaving two bewildered and stunned Tracuse’s in her wake. It took them a good while to find their voices again. But when they did…
“Oh my God, we’re going to be on TV!” Alley shrieked in excitement, bouncing up and down as her hair flew around her face. Sam herself was finding it hard to believe what had just happened, her face frozen in a goofy grin of sorts. How was it that two ordinary, video-game playing, ninjas-in-training teenagers had managed to grab an opportunity like this? Well, whatever they did, the dark-blonde certainly wasn’t complaining.

“I’m a bit nervous…” The elder confessed quietly, her heart thumping heavily in my chest.
“Aren’t we all? But who cares! We’re on the news!”
“Yeah! Bah, I better not mess this up…”
“It’ll be fine, stop worrying!”
“Well, it’s always the quiet kids who turn out to be ninjas, ‘eh?”


"Can we pretend that aeroplanes in the night are shooting stars?"
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